TRAVORS 2 – TRAining for Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Program: Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project

People with disabilities represent around one sixth of the all EU working age population but their employment rate is relatively low. Disabled persons are almost twice as likely to be inactive as non-disabled people. Yet, with a little more help millions of disabled European citizens could be integrated on the labour market.

Project Travors 2 - TRAining for VOcational Rehabilitation Services is transferring Personal Advisor competencies by assisting partners to apply evidenced based course designing principles to a kit of parts with content relevant to Personal Employment Advisors. The project will develop operational guidance and identify routes to accreditation for a credit based transferable qualification, in each participating county.

TRAVORS 2 project endeavors to transfer innovative, flexible training opportunities for service providers in the European rehabilitation sector.

Project Aims:

- to build on the self-efficacy model of training for skills acquisition (evidence based);
- to create course building and delivery capacity by applying the model to Trainers, Supervisors and Assessors of Personal Employment Advisors;
- to develop a European network of Specialist Counsellors and web-based European forum for job-placement counselors;
- to develop mechanism to accredit ICT-based distant learning combined/direct learning modes and transferable qualifications for Personal Advisors.
- Project beneficiaries include trainers, assessors, supervisors or personal advisors and ultimate target groups comprise accrediting bodies, line managers and purchasers of training, users of training products and end users of different practitioner approaches.


The project is funded by the European Commission.

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