"Talent4 … Europe" partners met for the second time in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

On 22nd – 23rd of July Life Long Learning programme Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovations project Talent4…Europe partners met for the second time in Birmingham, United Kingdom. In Birmingham they disseminated final conference “Where Does Talent Come From?” 

On 22nd of July Talent4…Europe partners discussed about project implementation. Partners’ main attention was allocated to the review of pilot training. Each organization’s target groups were different, therefore it was interesting to hear their experiences and share our experience with others. Talent4…Europe partners worked with different groups: students, young unemployed people, prisoners. VšĮ Edukaciniai projektai implemented training in Šiauliai Remand Prison. We hope that in future we would be able to work with Rideout training programme and implement it with other target groups. Another important question to the project partners and future plans to discuss how adapt training programme, use it and exploit it after the end of the project.

On 23rd of July was held international conference “Where Does Talent Come From?”. During the conference the presentations were delivered by different specialists from United Kingdom, Malta, United States and other countries, journalists, writers, psychologists, managers and others. Speakers shared their work experience how to help target groups to look for their talents. Others shared their stories how they searched for the talent and how they found it.

So, what is talent? Where it come from? How to recognize talents? These and other questions were discussed during the conference, and still after the conference each participant can change the answer. How you would describe the concept of talent?


“Talent4 … Europe” project’s coordinators visit in Siauliai

“Talent4… Europe” project has reached its pathway. What concerns product exploitation

the first project years were very fruitful. The pilot product’s testing were held in Siauliai remand prison in October – November, there w

as tested the diagnostic system in order to asses learners individual abilities and career opportunities. The testing received only positive feedback. 

On the 5th of December VšĮ EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI were visited by the project coordinator from Great Britain. The aim of the meeting was to figure out the basic product’s advantages, i.e. the advantages and disadvantages of individual abilities system. Also to discuss the future adaptation of diagnostic system on a national context. After the meeting project coordinator summarized it as very successful. He claimed that he is glad our close collaboration with Siauliai remand’s prison and about clear future project opportunities in Lithuania. 

Talent 4… Europe (T4E) partners meeting in Lithuania

In May 6-9th the “NGO Educational Projects” where visited by TALENT 4 project coordinators from the UK. The purpose of the visit was to convey the training program for the future teachers who will work with imprisoned people. Trainers Saul Hevish and Chris Johnson, representatives of Rideout organization, which is constantly developing training programs for imprisoned people, presented logical thinking, creativity requiring innovative educational content. 

Lithuanian prisons are expecting to implement three training sessions (1 session duration – 3 days). They will focus on personal evaluation of personal skills and it’s adjustment in particular professional activity. It is expected that trainings will have a substantial impact on a person who was released from prison and is making and attempt to integrate in the labor market. 

The partners of the project had the opportunity to visit the Siauliai Remand Prison which is established in Siauliai center, they had access to see prisons daily discipline. Guests from the UK were interested in imprisoned people’s work outlook, they inquired about the employers attitude toward them. 

Next meeting is planned as well in Lithuania, which will focus on the implementation of the training quality, problems and program development opportunities. 



4-5th December 2012 – The first Talent4... Europe partners meeting in London, UK

In December 2012 our representative social programmes coordinators Darius Lašinis and Regina Žemaitė participated in the first meeting, which was held of all the partners engaged in the Talent 4... Europe programme. This meeting was held in London where an outline of the programme along with the two year calendar of events, was presented by coordinators Rideout, UK. The two directors Saul Hewish and Chris Johnston will shortly be travelling to partner countries (in Šiauliai they will be in May) in order to train facilitators and teachers keen to use the T4... programme with their constituencies. Beneficiaries will include prisoners, unemployed people and those with special needs.

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