My Social Responsibility
 –  Social integration of people with disabilities in Latvia and Lithuania implementing principles of Universal Design and developing new social services
Project description -  Respective documents of Latvia and Lithuania indicates several weaknesses in social integration of people with disabilities. Providing services for different age people with disabilities affects the situation. As insufficient recognized social rehabilitation of people with disabilities (particularly social integration), common quality of social services, environmental accessibility and educational level of people employed in social sector. Can not deny reason for this is not only current financial crisis and its consequences, but also heritage from the Soviet times. This results environmental accessibility’s inadequacy to present demands, as well as insufficient awareness about needs of specific groups and possible solutions of their problems at society in general (including decision makers and professionals). Mentioned gaps can create a basis for developing discrimination and unequal attitude. When the main goal of social system is to make even inequalities of all social groups, substantially situation is affected by shortage of funds for social sector in financial crisis circumstances.
Goal of the project – To promote equal approach practicing and social integration of people with disabilities.
In order to prevent discrimination against disabled people, to promote an equal treatment of disabled people and to improve their social integration, specific activities are planned to create attractive environment for living (among that for integration) and to develop sustainable society. The project includes explorative, educating, environment adapting, new social services developing, experience exchanging, information distributing and also existing social service quality and accessibility improving activities.
Kurzemes Plānošanas Reģions (Latvia) – Lead partner
Ventspils pils. pašv. iestāde „Ventspils pilsētas domes Sociālais dienests (Latvia)
Liepājas pilsētas dome (Latvia)
Kuldigas novada pašvaldības aģentūra “Sociālais dienests” (Latvia)
Dundagas novada dome(Latvia)
Nīcas novada dome (Latvia)
Skrundas novada dome (Latvia)
Saldus novada pašvaldība (Latvia)
Viešoji istaiga "Šiaulių regiono plėtros agentūra" (Lithuania)
Joniškio "Saulės" pagrindinė mokykla (Lithuania)
BI Klaipedos Miesto Socialines Paramos Centras (Lithuania)
Klaipedos miesto savivaldibes administracija (Lithuania)
Project duration: 2012 04 – 2014 03