Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation
Due to the limited resources available the amount of time and the intensity of the support offered by Public Employment Services are often insufficient in its content to support many long term unemployed people through to job readiness and employment, a factor contributing to the growing number of long term unemployed. The EU's own research and other independent research confirms this. The need for basic services such as skills acquisition, careers advice, vacancy identification and the required job matching support for the long term unemployed presents a complex mix of social, economic, skills, education, employment, health related and cultural challenges which are not addressed by current support regimes. The MOJO program was designed to fill the gap. During the project implementation will be transferred MOJO program to partners.
Aim of the project – to transfer the MOJO process and methodology to other EU countries, test it and embed it in new environments and develop some new approaches when and where required. 
Objectives of the project:
- Transfer current innovative employment support practice from the UK to other EU countries
- To enrol and fully engage 20 long term unemployed individuals in a MOJO experience in each of 6 EU regions including the UK's West Midlands further to the 2009/10 pilot project
- Profile individual concerns and motivations amongst the long term unemployed to inform future practice
- Evaluate current intensive employment support practice and establish a wider community of practice amongst unemployment service specialists
- Identify how this support service links to mainstream support, providing added value and economic impact for the regions
- Engage and discuss with employers in the regions, in order to ensure that the service provided ultimately provides employable, work-ready individuals, able to access opportunities available to them
- Receive feedback from long-term unemployed people on the value of an intensive and personalised service
Project partners:
•Focus Enterprises Limited (United Kingdom) – project coordinator
•Asset Technology Ltd (Greece)
•Outra Margem, Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social, Crl (Portugal)
•Universitat Paderborn, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultat, Lehrstuhl Wirtschaftspadagogik II (Germany)
•ARACNE - associazione di promozione sociale (Italy)