Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci partnerships project
The project aims – to pool together three EU-based organizations working in third world countries in the field of international cooperation related to mental health. It seeks to maximise the knowledge of all professionals involved in the different organizations. This will be achieved via peer-to-peer collaboration with a view of strengthening the professionalism of each and improving their working skills in taking forward international cooperation intervention which places efficiency and effectiveness as top priorities. 
The project makes provision for extensive use of web-based instruments in order for each to teach the other via complementary learning in 10 lectures and via the creation of activities groups aimed at investigating peculiar aspects related to international cooperation intervention. The mutual e-learning teaching will thus be blended with workshops held during the project meetings and related to the activity groups created. Besides foreseen outcomes regarding project products, the project will offer many opportunities to reflect upon the current EU-based international cooperation model being exporting abroad. Moreover, it will signal a chance to share techniques, points of view, funding opportunities, etc., and the expertise exchange of organizations which have very few opportunities to meet within the European context
All web-based materials produced will be diffused on the Net to other interested professionals/organizations.
Project partners:
• Cittadinanza Onlus (Italy) – project coordinator
• pro mente oö (Austria)