28/06/2014 - Project Daphne  partners’ meeting in Riga

25 – 27 June partners from 25 countries met in Riga (Latvia) for a last meeting of a Project Daphne3 – Impact of Relationship. During the meeting they shared their activities, completed tasks and introduced their social networks profiles. Participants discussed the last tasks, that need to be completed before the end of a Project, and shared some ideas about possible continuing activities. More information about a Project you may find in http://www.ior-project.eu/  and https://www.facebook.com/DaphneIORLithuania/info.



24/10/2013 - 2nd project “Daphne IOR” partners’ meeting in Italy

On the 24th of October the partners of the project “Impact of relationships” gathered together in Rimini (Italy) in the city municipality conference hall to present the activities of the project implemented so far, solve financial issues and exchange good practices. Although project coordinators at the beginning of the project implementation expressed their fear about the problems that may arise coordinating organisations from 25 EU members, but the quality of the activities performed proved that using innovative project coordination tools project results are positively influenced by the number of partners involved. 

The biggest attention was paid to the presentation of the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data of “DAPHNE IOR” social networks. Moreover, Arlandas Makūnas from VšĮ EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI presented one of the main project products – the trial version of the social cartoon. After the session partners shared positive comments. They enjoyed the playfulness of the plot, design and music. The second day was devoted to the analysis of financial reports and answering to the questions. Partners also agreed to meet in April in Riga (Latvia).



On the 28-29th of January in Malta the first partners’ meeting of the project ″Daphne IOR″ was held where social programme coordinator Arlandas Makunas represented VsI EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI. 

During the meeting the coordinators introduced the implementation strategy of project activities, discussed the dissemination of future products of the project (the animation, methodological tools about the behaviour of teenagers in social networks, animated profiles in social networks). The representative of our organization introduced the national dissemination plan of the project. The consorcium including representatives from 25 countries of EU proposed a programme of project activities for which they will be responsible during the period of project development. All the partners confirmed the common dissemination strategy of the project, created the timeline of project activities and agreed to meet again in Latvia in 2014.