Lifelong Learning Programme, GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships
Project summary:
The aim of the project is to learn planning and management of a domestic budget. The project is designed for every adult who wants to learn or improve the management of a domestic budget. Thanks to the knowledge about practical and useful activities, users of the project will learn how to plan, manage and control a domestic budget and how to teach other members in the family use these skills.
During the project we are going to:
1. Create a diverse representative pilot group of participants in every partner country, a diverse group of people as far as age, gender, health condition, social position and income are concerned. The diversity of the group guarantees that the course materials will be understood and useful for everybody.
2. Prepare and test simple planning and management tools used in the management of a domestic budget- the calculation sheet both in paper and electronic form, questionnaire 1- to diagnose the structure of the household expenses, and questionnaire 2-to diagnose the awareness of people as far as saving up is concerned.
3. Create the Educational Packet "How to Save up at Home?" that will contain materials created in the project.
4. Carry out an information campaign "Every Sum Counts" that promotes the rules of sensible domestic budget management.
5. Continuous monitoring and evaluation of every activity taken up in the project.
6. Popularize the Educational Packet "How to Save up at Home?" by every partner and using different forms of activity.
The target groups – persons on low incomes and without the skills to effectively plan the family budget expenses:
•In Lithuania – families at risk;
•In Slovakia – the elderly and the Romani women;
•In Sweden – immigrants and long-term unemployed job seekers;
•In Italy – immigrants.
Project partners:
• VsI EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI (Lithuania) – project coordinator
• Centrum prie vyskum regionov,n.o. (Slovakia)
• International Centre of Cultures – Ubuntu (Italy)