Project Title: Autistic adults Training for new Opportunities (AUTO)
AUTO  wants to tackle three main challenges:
- the need for dedicated methods of vocational guidance, specifically developed for autistic people;
- the lack of soft and transversal competences necessaries to stay in the labour market (self-confidence, consciousness, working in team, communication skills, etc);
- the ability to create a bridge between the therapeutic pathway and the ability to access and stay in the into the labour market. 
The project is aimed at people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), adults / young adults, in the transition from the end of secondary school (or special schools) to work to promote the socio-labor insertion and increase the level of employability. The objective is to be achieved through the implementation of their skills in the area of executive functions (ability to initiate, working memory, capacity planning, monitoring of the task, organization of material) and in behaviour (ability to control emotional, attentional capacity, adaptive capacity and flexibility, self).
The project also aims to identify strategies and pathways to social integration and work through a structured network at the local level designed to test and enhance the real abilities of people with disabilities in terms of skills, learning, maturity, emotional / relational skills. To this end, it will also be necessary to implement an integrated network consisting of several public and private non-profit organizations to facilitate the engagement of people with autism in different working environments.
The overall objective is to develop an integrated approach based on three main stages.
1. Organization of pre-training courses, designed to assess and analyze individual patterns of behaviour in order to develop an individual, customised path of guidance;
2. Organization of training courses focused on soft skills;
3. Organization of training sessions on the job.
1. Associazione famiglie di persone con disabilità intellettiva e – ITALY
2. Die Querdenker – Austria
3. Blijdorp Romania Association – ROMANIA
5. The National Autistic Society - UNITED KINGDOM